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On 08.25.09, In Photos, By Mystieria

Jesse’s Interests:
Girls. He enjoys music of the rock, country, heavy metal, and Alternative variety. He likes building things and doing labor. He enjoys a good movie and likes to spend time relaxing. He wants an electric guitar and amp (working on that one too). He likes to read action and fantasy books. He knows how to break a move on the dance floor as well.


On 08.23.09, In Photos, By Mystieria

Dylan’s Interests:
Girls, Playing on the computer, Hanging out with friends, and watching tv. He really wants a drum set (working on that one). He enjoys music of the alternative, techno, rock, and punk variety. He enjoys a good movie as well. He likes to read fantasy, action, adventure and humorous books. Favorite subject in school is history, science and language arts.






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