My Dogs

On 08.23.09, In Photos, By Mystieria

Kati’s Interests:
Food, Water and the occassional treat. She likes to eat poop in the backyard and is very protective of her house. She likes to sleep in enclosed areas i.e under the bed. She does not like thunderstorms, in fact, she runs and hides at the first sign of it. She plays fetch; however, she never returns the ball. She is a nervous creature but very loving and gentle.




Mandy’s Interests:

She is an old creature who farts a lot. She sleeps the day and night away on the comfortable master bed. She can’t hear well and her memory is going south. Sometimes, she wants a treat right after she has gotten one. I think she forgets she just ate one. She is a loner and doesn’t like to mingle with other creatures. She is extremely loyal and will lay with you forever if you let her. Additionally, she knows how she likes her petting.    Send article as PDF